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Peter : composer and musician

(born. Luton, England)

English composer and multi-instrumentalist. He studied music theory for several years with a private tutor in England, before moving on to become a regular musician in London’s jazz and blues nightlife. During the late 80’s and early 90’s Peter developed his blazing guitar technique, which has often been described as world-class. From the mid-90’s he began to compose his own music, some of which has been released on solo CD’s.

Peter has no single influence on his music, as he regards every sound and musical note as an expression waiting to happen. As a composer, his music is often difficult to categorize because he has composed and recorded such a vast range of musical styles and blended them with his own unique musical concepts. His self-titled solo release in 1999, showed the world a vision of experimental daydream-like rock music with elements of jazz and symphonic music – all of which is a far different world to the 2001 release “Ad Libitum”, which focused entirely on a solo electronic piano playing jazz/classical compositions with mysterious and often dissonant undertones.

From 1999 until the mid 2000's, he spent more than 5 years exploring the world, while also composing, recording and releasing 10 solo albums in the US (with a further 35 hours of music composed, but unreleased). After his 2003 release “Only This Week”, Peter decided to abandon the electric guitar and move to mainland Europe, where he could spend the following two years with an acoustic nylon string guitar, spending up to 15 hours per day concentrating on new techniques and compositions. The results of this reclusive period of development are soon to be presented to the world in a new solo album and series of concerts.


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